Why bother ?

Why bother? …. these are the words of a young person living in a children’s home where I worked. I wore a sliver necklace in those early days, the pendent was a question mark, she said it summed up her life. I named this place ‘Why Bother Land” a place where children go when they have no hope and see no future.

To lead children to a better place the care giver needs to know the way.


Not Forgotten

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“OMG…  I’ve finally tracked you down”

Your timely words seemed meant to be
But you could not have known how much they’d mean to me
It’s 40 years since we last met in that awful place
Where cruelty went unpunished and justice was disgraced

There were fireworks in the attic with confiscated toys
Colouring books were all you had designed to mute your noise
A cold bath if you wet the bed stood barefoot in the snow
Deliveries hijacked food packed to go

When visitors came the scene was set for an influential illusion
Bay windowed lounge unlocked children on parade
Reciting party pieces in a humiliating charade
With tea and cake to celebrate this perilous delusion

Years later it came as no surprise to discover the boy who spoke out
Was stripped and beaten by police ‘moved’ and branded liar
And time served has left me without doubt
…. abusers will be reprieved
When truth is rendered worthless by vested interest valued higher

Then children will be dispersed scattered like it doesn’t matter
Ruptured relationships are worsened by uncertainty
And self-belief struggles to flourish when trust is shattered
By those willing to collude with crimes against humanity







Dear Child of the State

Unknown Child of the State
Hopeless House,
17 Unheard Place,
Why Bother Land.


Dear Unknown Child,

Your story is very worrying, but please don’t run away before you hear, what I have to say.

You were right to speak out about that worker, who left you on your own, then told you he’d been drinking… before he drove you home.

We know you’re not the liar here but every time you move, as long as reputation matter’s more than you… that will become harder to prove.

I know how sad it makes you to know he’s coming back, but getting mad will only
reinforce… it’s you not him that’s bad.

To accept that justice won’t be served no doubt will cause alarm, especially as another move… will only cause you harm.

But you must hang on to your potential, protect it with your life, then the day will come when you can tell them all… “I survived.”


The Caregiver x

The Brightness of Stars by Lisa Cherry

Orphans & Care Experience in Fiction

Lisa Cherry starts the journey of her life with a quote from Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven (2003):

All parents damage their children. It cannot be helped. Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of the handler. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces beyond repair.

A sort of Philip Larkin for the neglected child. But a fitting quote that begins Lisa’s own fucked-up-ness childhood into care leaver story.

Lisa had a ‘burning desire’ to write a book and began her writing journey through blogging, something she loved to do. Something that became part of a cathartic healing process.

For a long time I have felt that I had many stories to tell: stories that would heal the wounds left over from years of therapeutic intervention, 12 step programmes and self help books galore.

Once started on…

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