Dear Child of the State

Unknown Child of the State
Hopeless House,
17 Unheard Place,
Why Bother Land.


Dear Unknown Child,

Your story is very worrying, but please don’t run away before you hear, what I have to say.

You were right to speak out about that worker, who left you on your own, then told you he’d been drinking… before he drove you home.

We know you’re not the liar here but every time you move, as long as reputation matter’s more than you… that will become harder to prove.

I know how sad it makes you to know he’s coming back, but getting mad will only
reinforce… it’s you not him that’s bad.

To accept that justice won’t be served no doubt will cause alarm, especially as another move… will only cause you harm.

But you must hang on to your potential, protect it with your life, then the day will come when you can tell them all… “I survived.”


The Caregiver x

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